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There isn’t much for ghosts to be afraid of – BUT –  they must beware of the Great Ghost Snow. See The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 8 – which is now published on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other sites.

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Before the Ghastlys moved into the Ghostly Ghastly House, they lived at the castle above the town. Find out what the little ghosts got up to when they were there!

Here's Edward and Pegs

Meet them in Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant.

Together they go off to find Edward’s friend, Pieces-of-Eight, from Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine.

Along the way they meet lots of animal characters: a news-spreading crow, a hairdresser monkey, and mice hunting in the moonlight.

But then there is a storm – and Pieces-of-Eight is in danger. 

Pets and Pirates Series

The pirates come to Evie’s house to dig for treasure. They all have pets – and the little porcupine stays on and makes a new home. 

Back on the pirate ship the little elephant is missing his friend. He goes on a journey to find her, getting squished in a balloon and squashed in a tunnel along the way.

A Hearty Tale of Pirate Shenanigans and Pizza

Ghostly Ghastlys Series

The little Ghastlys are mischievous ghosts. When they hide the head of the the headless knight, they are in very bad trouble. The other ghosts at the haunted castle throw them out.

Now they must find a new home. That isn’t easy, for  the townspeople don’t welcome naughty ghosts into their homes.

Perfect for Young Readers

Mr McMarvel's Amazing Machines

Mr McMarvel invents machines for the townspeople, and he is hugely popular. Now his workshop is in trouble and may have to close down.

Budding  assistant Tim,  sends the Bouncing-Nutty-Locator off to find someone to help.  Mr D Vious arrives, and gives Tim a far worst problem to solve.