Ghostly Ghastlys Series

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Meet the Ghostly Ghastly Family

The Ghastlys are a family of ghosts. There are Mr and Mrs Ghastly and the three little Ghastlys. They’re called Bubble, Trouble and Puff, and they are full of mischief.

They like to play tricks. They’re not supposed to scare people who are not expecting it. But people scream much louder then. The little Ghastlys like people to scream really loud.

Sometimes it all goes horribly wrong, and then little Ghastlys have to work out how to  put it right again.


To start with, the Ghastlys lived at the haunted castle with the other ghosts.

The Castle Ghosts were very serious about haunting in a proper way. They didn’t approve of the little Ghastlys and complained a lot to Mr and Mrs Ghastly.

Mr and Mrs Ghastly were usually far too busy being famous opera singers to keep an eye on the children.

Then the little Ghastlys played one trick too many  – they hid the head of the headless knight. He liked to carry it under his arm.

The Castle Ghosts were so angry that they threw the Ghastly family out of the castle. 

See what happens next in the first book in the series – Finding a Home.

Two New Books

Book 7 New Year’s Day


Book 8 The Great Ghost Snow


In Book 7 the little Ghastlys are up to tricks, again. They are in very serious trouble – and must do something for the community or they will all be made to leave the Ghostly Ghastly House.

In Book 8 every ghost is in danger from the Great Ghost Snow! 

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New books in draft stage


The Aggys from Book 7 come back, and there’s some new characters – a pirate, and some strange  customers at Alfonso’s Restaurant.

There will also be a new series of stories about the Ghastlys at the Castle – before they were thrown out by the other ghosts there.  Join the Ghostly Ghastly Readers’ Club to download one as a welcome gift.

More about Book 9 in the Ghostly Ghastlys series


The skeletons decide to explore the world. Meanwhile the Aggys are causing turmoil at the Castle, and as usual the little ghosts are in the midst of it all.


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The first eight Ghostly Ghastlys stories are published as ebooks on iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble (Nook) and Smashwords. Paperbacks are available for some stories from Amazon. 

Book 1 Finding A Home is also permanently free to download from these sites.


I chose 5 stars because the main characters are mischievous little ghosts who mess things up but gets things right in the end.

Perfect for confident young readers or parents to read to their children. The illustrations are delightful.